Exclusive offers for clients from abroad

Velumount GmbH offers Sleep Quality Assessment in 5 Star ***** or 3 Star*** Hotels too. 

When you live in and around Bern, this assessment can be done in the comfort of your own home.

We use the latest and modern equipment (ResMed or Philips), and we also give you a private tutoring to set up your equipment, by an experienced Velumount therapist. The report from this assessment provides you with the proof on the working of the Velumount Method.

For foreigners who opt for the Hotel room sleep evaluation, we wish to assure that the hotel has been selected very thoughtfully, where you will not only sleep comfortably, but also peacefully, as you will enjoy a special and competitive tariff (further below).

You can enjoy an efficient, comfortable and discreet experience throughout the running of the program. To start with, you will be privately trained to learn and apply the Velumount Method. The Polygraphy equipment will measure your sleep quality through the night. Cutting-edge medical technology makes this possible. You need no more seek a medical facility or a Hospital for a good Sleep Quality Assessment. You can enjoy the privacy of your own bed, either at home or in the "Sleepmonitoring-Hotelroom", with the latest Assessment equipment.

The following morning, the Velumount therapist will return to be at your service, to offer you an analysis of this assessment, and make any finer modification of the Velumount brace, if at all required. 


Velumount Intensivprogramm im Hotel Bellevue Palace


Scope of Services:

  • Individual private training
  • Velumount fitting as per our standardised Method.
  • Fitting of the Polygraphy measurement probes. Testing of Sleep Quality.
  • Assessment analysis of the report.
  • Discussion over the analysis and report.
  • Follow-ups and finer adjustments (if at all required)


Exclusive Offers:

Five Star Hotel




Three Star Hotel




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