Feedback from some Velumount users

Antischnarchspange Dear Ms Venkattan

After trying all sorts of methods to tackle my sleep apnea and snoring, I found in Velumount such a simple but extremely effective solution, that I have now been using it successfully for 13 years and I have been sleeping soundly and not disturbing anyone ever since.

D. M. from Geneva, 06.02.2019


Antischnarchspange Good morning Madhu Venkattan
After a long odyssey with worsening sleep-quality, various efforts to improve the situation with little success, Velumount offered a practical solution against snoring and sleep apnoea, happy customer.

Kind regards, T.P. from Zurich, 13.04.2018


Antischnarchspange Hi Velumount Team

I have been wearing the Velumount brace since 2009 and have had very good experiences since then.
According to a test in a sleep laboratory (2017) I have very big apnea without snoring braces and with braces practically zero.
So I can recommend this snoring braces absolutely.

So Happy New Year, S.R. from Lengnau, 27.12.2017


Antischnarchspange Dear Ms Venkattan

Thanks to the experience I made with "Velumount", I am sleeping better and I am snoring practically no more. I am hoping that it will last for a long long time.

I wish you and your team a Happy New Year E. K. from Bern, 29.12.2017



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