The Methodology, Conception and Inventor's Story so far

The Velumount Success Story sails into the next decade..

Despite stormy seas. cross-winds and high-cresting waves from time to time, Arthur Wyss, the Founder- Inventor of  Velumount Therapy, sails forth successfully against the malady of Snoring and Sleep Apnoea, never loosing his direction. His Swiss (Bernese) small scale Enterprise, Velumount GmbH has been well on course over the past 15 years, and sails forth with renewed passion.


interdisziplinaere Gaumensegeltoern

The distressed Snorer / OSAS patient, is caught in the cross-winds between the CPAP- Equipment providers and the ENT Specialists.



How it all started:

"I urgently need a replacement for my CPAP therapy!"

By my 45th year, I was struck by the worst case of Sleep Apnoea, and CPAP therapy was my only possible life-line. Very soon, I realised in desperation that: "I cannot be hanging by this ventilator - each and every night, for the rest of my life!!!"
Even though I am professionally conversant and experienced in handling medical technological machines and appliances, it dawned on me that I must myself find a more life-friendly, non-electrical treatment for a better way to sleep restfully. After all the numerous and complex experiments, I arrived at the right path to solve this problem - and to give me a good night's rest and sleep. I needed to find for myself a suitable solution to rectify the mechanics of the upper airways, to destabilize the mucous collection in the Upper Respiratory Tract. The idea, as to how I could achieve this, took me down memory lane - an overnight train journey in India, a short demonstration of Sutra Neti, the nose-cleansing ritual practised in Hatha-Yoga. An Indian train conductor, when I was traveling overnight to New Delhi had demonstrated this to me. This special and private demonstration in a moving train, in the wee hours of the morning, came to my help, a good 20 years later!!! Helping me to develop this small, light, non electric, indiscernible device, which does me much credit today. It guarantees me  with free-flowing airways, preventing snoring, without apneas and a peaceful, restful sleep, to wake up refreshed, rejuvenated with optimal Oxygen in my body, to start afresh on a brand new day!


Velumount wishes to thank Mr. Christian Breitschmid, the popular SRF Reporter. Read about his well received reportage on Velumount.


How did Velumoungain popularity and fame?

A well known TV Reporter from the national Schweizer Fernsehen (Swiss TV), Mr. Christian Breitschmid, discovered my extra-ordinary therapy and published his article in 2005, and followed it up with a TV reportage in the popular program 'TV Report SF 1'.


The Velumount team in Switzerland

Besides the Founder-Inventor, Mr. Arthur Wyss, the Velumount team consists of ENT Specialists (Doctors), Velumount Technical Trainers, having sound qualifications with Swiss Diplomas, recognised across Europe- in Physiotherapy and Nursing, (e.g. dipl. Physiotherapeuten HF, dipl. Pflegefachfrauen DNII). A Dental Technician has been recently added to our team.


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