Who is the Inventor-Founder of Velumount?

Der Schnarchspangenerfinder Arthur Wyss

"Sporty, slim and at only 45 years, my life hanging by a tube? Enslaved to a breath regulating equipment (CPAP)?? and my nights constrained??" - These are the questions that jolted Arthur Wyss:

Despite my professional familiarity with medico-technical equipment, I was restlessly in search of a simpler, easier and manageable solution for my distressing sleeping problem.

Many years ago, during my visit to India, I came across a Yogi, a middle-aged yoga practitioner, conducting his morning ablutions, using Sutra-Neti, one of the cleansing practises in Hatha Yoga. This memory and experience came back to me 20 years later, triggering an experiment on myself, to help me prevent my snoring and free my respiratory tract, to guarantee me a good night's sleep.

The path to arrive at a satisfactory result was paved by countless experiments on myself in a specially designed sleep-lab, filming within the throat region, while sleeping in various positions and countless discussions with eminent specialists of various disciplines.

Thus, the personally developed Velumount Method original is today an established Method, that has been proven in several scientific studies to be effective against snoring and Sleep Apnea.

I am therefore particularly pleased that our original Velumount Method has helped to improve the quality of life of many affected people.

Arthur Wyss