How does the Velumount Method function?

By fitting either one of Velumount braces in the soft palate, the respiratory tract behind the pharynx is prevented from collapsing.

Thus, optimal air flow is secured during sleep. The snoring noise-creating fluttering/vibration is arrested directly at it's very origin.

  • The highly flexible silicon with steel wire device, follows the muscle movements by moulding itself to the soft-palate, undisturbed by the involuntary tongue muscles.
  • It is further adapted to the individual's pharyngeal structure, testing the comfort of the patient when he is asked to drink water, swallow or to talk. The patient should ultimately be in total comfort with the customised corrections made on the device.
  • Once the successful forestalling of snoring has been established with the use of Velumount palatal brace, the patient must note from there-on that no apneas (breathing blockages) occur. The patient is further advised to seek a professional Sleep Study Report (Sleep Quality Assessment) if snoring persists despite the successful optimal functioning of the Velumount brace, as it could then suggest a failure in the mechanism in the lower tract.

Velumount Methode: Spange eingesetzt Seite Velumount Methode: Spange eingesetzt

Velumount Original Brace (green)  |  Velumount Intro Ring (yellow)


Correct usage protocol of the Velumount Method

  • First consultation : Localize the obstruction to customize the Velumount brace to the patient's pharyngeal physiology.
  • Follow-up: To ensure optimal functioning, benefits and complete comfort to the patient.
  • Performance control: Necessary only if apneas / breathing pauses are suspected during sleep.