First consultation

Objectives of the first consultation and Velumount fitting

- To help prevent snoring and to enjoy a restful sleep all night through, besides controlling any breathing blockages/apnoea during sleep.

- To learn to recognise which specific part of the soft palate requires the support of the Velumount brace for optimum benefit.

- To learn how to fit it independently. 

The Velumount brace is to be used only during the night (the sleep hours).

  • The very first Velumount sitting takes about 2 hours. Should you require more time, we are of course, at your service. We especially appreciate when the patient seeks more time to ensure a comfortable and optimal fit!
  • After the first sitting, is the conformance / adaptability period for a few nights. After the first 3 nights of using the Velumount brace, should you feel any discomfort, please do meet us at the very earliest with an appointment, at no cost whatsoever. In fact, all follow-up sittings, until your complete satisfaction with the brace are free (up to 6 months) and you will learn more with detailed information regards your anatomy.
  • For snorers and all people suffering from apneas, whichever one of the Velumount braces you prefer to use, you receive important and pertinent information on the functioning and structure of your own soft-palate structure and of the soft tissues there in. The Velumount brace yields best performance after the optimisation and customisation to the oral cavity.  With competent support by the friendly Velumount team, and at times with additional support and substantiation by our renowned and trusted ENT Specialists, we will ensure that you arrive at this goal.

The ultimate solution to your snoring problems are in your very own hands!

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