Pricelist of Velumount Services and Products

Velumount services (First Consultation and Follow-ups)

Description Price CHF

First Consultation and fitting fee, incl. Velumount Original or Velumount Intro brace,
incl. 3 Follow-ups (finer adjustments if needed)

Upgrading to Velumount Intro (for existing Velumount clients) 280.-
First Consultation fee - when client is unable to adapt for inherent reasons 170.-
Follow-up fee for finer adjustments 45.-



Also offered, Free Information Hour:

Visit us for an unbinding and free consultancy, if you would wish to inform yourself on our Velumount Method,  during our Free Information Hour, offered at various Velumount locations across Switzerland. Click here Free Information Hour 

Velumount Products

Description Price CHF
Velumount Original replacement brace (For use up to 12 months) 70.-/Unit.
Velumount Intro replacement brace (For use up to 6 months) 70.-/Unit.
Nosani® nose dilator (For use up to 6 months) 108.-/Unit.
Rhinomount nose cannula (For use up to 6 months) 15.-/Unit.
T-Shirt to prevent sleeping on your back; incl. foam cylinders 40.-/Unit.



All prices mentioned are in Swiss Francs (CHF) and incl. VAT.