Refund policy (valid within 3 months)

50% of the first Consultancy Fee could be refunded, when products are returned within 3 months of your first sitting, deducting the actual cost of the brace.  

Post the first Follow-up, if you are still unable to adapt to the brace and wish to return the products, you can ask for a refund, within 3 months of your first sitting.

After deduction of the cost of the braces, you will receive half of the adjustment costs (max. CHF 260.-) back.

Please note that the refund is valid under one condition, that you should have returned for at least one Follow-up that you are entitled to.  The first Follow-up is extremely important, should you need any finer adjustments for your comfort and to enjoy optimum benefits.

We are at your disposal for any further questions you may want to clarify. Click here for the addresses of our various Velumount Locations.