Frequently Asked Questions.

Antischnarchspange  What is the cost of Consultancy, and Fitting of Velumount® anti snore brace?
The Velumount® anti snore brace must be individually adapted and fitted to the user. For this first Consultancy and fitting, you may require 1 to 1.5 hours. The cost for this first sitting includes the brace (Velumount® original and / or Velumount® Intro) and Follow-ups. "Prices". 


 Antischnarchspange  Is the cost reimbursed by Health Insurance?
The costs are usually not covered by Health Insurance. Ordinary snoring is not considered a disease and so, is not covered by compulsory Health Insurance. However, some Health Insurances retroactively reimburse part of the costs for those with the medical condition Obstructive Sleep Apnoea, when the medical success is documented and authenticated by a medical Sleep Assessment evaluation.


 Antischnarchspange  Can I use Velumount® along with a mouth-guard?
Yes, Velumount® can be used along with a mouth-guard. We would further advise you to bring along your mouth guard for your first fitting.


Antischnarchspange  Can I use Velumount® along with dentures?
Yes, Velumount® is an independent brace.


Antischnarchspange  How long does a Velumount® anti snore brace last?
We advise that a Velumount® original brace be changed every 12 months and the Velumount® Intro (Ring), every 6 months. 


Antischnarchspange  What is the cost of a Velumount® replacement brace?
The cost of a replacement brace (Velumount original or Velumount Intro) is CHF 63.- (inkl. VAT) per unit. 


Antischnarchspange  What should I do if the Velumount® brace does not work anymore?
Reasons for the decrease in effect can be the following:
Your Velumount® has lost it's form, or your anatomy could have changed over time.

Please fix for a Follow-up at any of our Velumount Locations or fix your appointment online in Client log in on our Website, so that we can rectify the form.


Antischnarchspange  How can I get a Velumount® anti snore brace?
You can register directly for an appointment online. Under this link, you will find all available appointments in the location of your choice: Velumount Locations

We would be pleased to give you an appointment over a phone call too. 


Antischnarchspange  What are the side-effects of Velumount®?
After the first fitting and use of the brace over the following nights, you could feel a sensitivity while swallowing or a light ache in the throat. This should normally pass within the first 2 hours of the night. If these symptoms have not improved after a week, please call for a Follow-up appointment with us.


Antischnarchspange  In addition to snoring, I suffer from Sleep Apnoea and distress during sleep. Is Velumount® suitable for me?
The CPAP therapy is the medically recognised and most effective therapy for Sleep Apnea. However, for those who are intolerant to the use of CPAP machine, Velumount® could prove to be a low side-effects alternative. Snorers, who suspect that they suffer from Sleep Apnea, must, in every case, undertake a medical sleep quality assessment, to check the efficiency of the Velumount® brace.


Antischnarchspange  Can I speak normally or drink with Velumount® brace in my mouth?
Yes, once the brace is individually adapted to your anatomy, you can speak normally and drink too.


Antischnarchspange What is the difference between Velumount® brace and other anti-snore clips available in the market?
The principle behind the Velumount® brace is a mechanical correction of the weakened/beleagured tissues of the soft palate. Besides, with Velumount®, you can speak normally, drink water normally, and enjoy complete freedom and normalcy of mouth movement. The fitting of our Velumount® brace is independent of your dentition. Most clips and devices available in the market are based on the principle of jaw correction.  You can neither speak, nor drink with such so-called jaw protrusion splints. Any jaw-protrusion device is supported by your dentition. (When your molars have been removed, the fit is not always satisfactory.)


Antischnarchspange  Must I consult my family doctor or ENT Specialist before a Velumount® fitting?
No, You can register for a Velumount® fitting directly with us.


Antischnarchspange  Can the Velumount® brace be swallowed accidentally?
No, the brace cannot be swallowed, not even by accident, due to its shape and fitting.


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